"Wine" how does it make you feel?

Wine holds a different meaning for every women. To some of us wine is relaxing especially after a long work day. It eases any negativity with it's warm aroma and can calm any degree of stress. From what I have experienced and noticed is that most connections to wines are positive.

Whether you are socially introverted or happened to start your weekend off on the wrong note a glass of wine will turn any frown upside-down. Wine relieves any anxiety prior to how your day may have been. Are you a party girl who likes to have some sophisticated fun? I know I am! I think it's the most fun to have a couple sips of wine while my girls and I get ready for our Saturday night plans. Wine Is also one of the biggest social-lights and a great conversation starter.

Not only is wine great for relaxation, relieves stress, and is more socially acceptable but there are plenty of ways to enjoy wine during the day. My preference is going to the beach or laying out by the poolside with a good glass of Cabernet or Merlot. Whether you’re with some girlfriends or on your own... wine gives off a classy vibe, it's elegant, and wine really does make you feel beautiful. Hold a glass of wine and tell me you don't feel the difference from holding a shot of Tequila or a beer can.

Another asset wine has to offer is the ability to bring out passion and desire. Wine can have a very flirtatious twist to it and make a woman feel seductive and sexy. Along with all these great things wine can bring out in a women and make her feel... a woman sipping a glass of wine visually appear more attractive, intellectual, and confident.

Since wine means different things to all of us share with us what wine means to you. How does it make you feel?