Tashion LA Swimwear is committed to providing customers with an exceptional online shopping experience! To offer you the safest place to shop online Tashion LA gives you assurance in knowing your data is secure. Every Tashion LA commerce transactions are processed by the highest trusted commerce processing outfits, SSL connection, and PCI (Payment Card Industry) in the industry. We are aware and extremely attentive to our software's statuses and continuously updating as needed to provide the safest experience for you. All information collected to process online shopping transactions is securely protected and strictly confidential. Tashion LA never provides confidential information for profit or otherwise, information to unauthorized outside parties.


Tashion LA uses many third party services that are enjoyed by many customers. Extremely important services that are key to running a sustainable business and give the best service possible such as email marketing and online payment processing is essential as it would be impossible to provide such services without the employment of established, trusted, and secure systems provided by reputable companies. Tashion LA has extremely high standards for our products and services, and we make sure that companies providing services to Tashion LA and our customers have the same standards! If a customer has a concern regarding services that are provided for Tashion LA customers by companies other than Tashion LA, please contact Customer Service at: 

Laurie: CEO/Management (949) 235-1214
Tasia: VP Designer (949) 235-1217
Sales: tashion.corp@gmail.com


WE DON’T ADVERTISE TO YOU OR SPAM YOU. We only send news letters to those who sign up with Tashion LA and want us to send them updates on what’s new, sales, events, and free giveaways. Tashion LA does not place advertising cookies on your computer. We do not post random ad’s for you to see while trying to do your thing on the web like most companies do. We give you your full privacy and if you want advertisements form us you can sign up to receive exclusive discounts,  event invites, free giveaways, and pretty much be first for everything. Other than that, you can visit us at anytime to see what’s new on your own time.


For those who choose to stay informed by subscribing to Tashion LA product and promotional email list-

Tashion LA is a self take-charge kind of company… we like to keep it simple and handle the job only from within so there’s really no one other than team Tashion LA handling every operation besides shopping cart and email “hosting” because that is private even from us for your safety.  We do all the work ourselves to assure that our customers get our undivided attention. The only information required to perform email marketing services is shared with external systems. If a subscriber wishes to unsubscribe from the Tashion LA email list, click the “Unsubscribe” link found in our emails, or send an unsubscribe request to tashion.corp@gmail.com


To provide you with the best online shopping experience possible, Tashion LA studies and contributes extensive research into what it is our customers are looking for in regard to popularity, versatility, colors, trends, fabrics, quality, and being comfortable. Tashion LA is a continuous stream of innovative ideas just ready to burst with enjoyable products to share with the world. Tashion LA is a visionary and creates original styles that have never been made before and brings them from mind to paper to reality but does keep the competitive edge that she knows customers want. With this, we hope to bring you the ultimate online shopping experience with Tashion LA!


For purchases made online, Tashion LA is more than confident in knowing that our items are accurate in size and measurements. All information needed is out in the open and completely upfront. We understand sometimes products just are not a perfect fit for everyone but we assure you that all of our products are exactly what you see online if not better! Online store credit will be issued in the form of a Tashion LA credit. All returns for online store credit must be shipped in the same packaging it was received and product must NOT have any damages. We have amazing quality control and will not accept damaged products, worn products, used products or makeup marks.

Note: For exchanges please contact us here as well to be further instructed or for queries. Custom swimwear is final sale and we won't accept exchanges or returns.

Customer Service: 

Laurie: CEO/Management 949-235-1214
Tasia: VP Designer (949) 235-1217

NOTE: Please ship product with the original shipping label inside and return to…

PO Box 26861 Trabuco Road
Mission Viejo, CA 92691

Returns for online store credit must be performed within 30 days of the original online order date. Online store credit is not issued for shipping costs. Tashion LA provides free shipping for all USA orders, but the customer is responsible for all shipping costs incurred during the return.

NOTE: If we receive soiled, worn, or ruined merchandise the item will be sent back to you and you will be charged a shipping fee. There is also a restocking fee of $5 per item. 


Purchases on sale items are final.


If a customer wishes to cancel an order placed online, the customer may contact: 

Laurie: CEO/Management at (949) 235-1214
Tasia: VP Designer at (949) 235-1217

To request the order be cancelled. Cancel requests will be honored by Tashion LA if the item(s) are not yet in transit. Orders that are in transit to the shipping address specified by the customer during the online purchase will not be cancelled; the customer may exchange the item for other item(s), or return the item for online store credit.


Tashion LA loves interacting with their customers, and the Tashion LA Model Search is one of the many ways Tashion LA engages! Participation in the Tashion LA model Search become part of the Tashion LA family. Requirements and Official Rules; Official Rules of the Tashion LA Model Search can be provided to you by contacting us via email at tashion.corp@gmail.com. PLEASE PROVIDE FRONT, SIDE, AND BACK BODY SHOTS! If photos are not body shots and are not clear images then you will be disqualified.


Tashion LA Swimwear provides high quality swimwear products to adult women, and our site is designed to reflect these services. Children under the age of 13 should obtain permission prior to using the internet. Online purchases should be made by the card holder only, and Tashion LA checkout policies makes every attempt to make sure this is the case.


Our customers can contact us using a variety of methods:

(949) 235-1214
(949) 235-1217