We accept online orders for custom swimwear and in person appointments. If you would like to make an appointment to shop our styles, pick your orders up instead of having them shipped, or come in to discuss your custom swimwear options in person please contact us to schedule your appointment.


Custom-Fit Form

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Bust, under bust around the rib cage, bust to top of shoulder.
Waist, hips, leg hole (around the thigh), around middle of your bottom, length you want the front of your bikini, and length you want the back of your bikini

*Please email any examples or images of your custom bikini to tashion.corp@gmail.com

Tasia shops for your fabrics at only the finest showrooms in Los Angeles and New York just to find your favorite colors, trims, embellishments and hard to find textures you may have never been able to find on your own. Just say the word and she will find it. She will send you a PDF doc with your favorite materials and pricing to choose from. If you have any links for materials you can send them to her and she will do the rest. She will analyze everything to give you her expertise to ensure a flawless experience with Tashion LA. 

Every-step-of-the-way Tasia shows you her work as she makes your swimwear! She shows you via email her work every step of the way to give you the ultimate custom-fit experience and behind you he scenes exposure. You will be and feel like a true part of the process.

Turn around time- 1-8 weeks depending on how intricate the style is. Samples will be made and discussed as well before finalizing anything to ensure your perfect fit and happiness. Shipping typically takes 3-8 business days and other shipping options are available if needed.

All of our pricing is different as some of your ideas may be simple and some of your ideas may be intricate.  Please fill out our custom-fit form below and we will give you a quote. 

Tashion LA takes pride in their custom work and their passion shows! Tasia and her mother have been defeated by poor services trying to get their styles made by others at the beginning. Both know how difficult it can be to have passion towards making the perfect swimwear and the person making it not showing the same passion and applying poor quality. With many years of this happening Tasia self taught herself how to make swimwear for her own line and is now offering custom swimwear to anyone with the same passion she has for her swimwear to your new custom-fit bikini.

One of the best custom swimwear makers. They consider all important measures overlooked by other custom makers. I have about a dozen custom pieces from this talented lady and they are my all time favorites. I was happy to find this awesome designer and maker. Their willingness to please and the extra time spent working with me on my personal designs, is a rare service in our world. A bikini made to your measure and design and handmade in the USA by one talented lady for a fair price, just adds to the appeal of this wonderful business.
— Della Faye | Portland, Oregon
Great custom made bikinis. Super cute, great fit, and wonderful quality. you will be sure to get tonz of compliments with any of Tashion La’s designs, they work with you to get exactly what your looking for.
— Courtney L. | Tustin, California