All Snatched Up: Top & Bottom

Lets make this a bridal party! Whether you have a bridal party/bachelorette or you just love lace bikinis with bows and ribbons. If you want matching sets in custom colors please click the “Customize This Bikini” Tab and let me know what you want. ;)

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Size (Bottom):
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Tweaking style- If you'd like to customize this style please be sure to place your order first. We will need your order number upon you submitting the custom form below for verification. Tweaking the style is free.

Specific print/colors- Requires a quote. In the "order number" section write "color change" and complete the form. We'll then email you swatches to choose from and a quote. 

*For an all custom bikini- Please see the "Design A Bikini" tab in the header at the top of this page and fill out the form. 

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