Tashion LA Luxury Swimwear and Resort wear can be found glorifying the bodies of the sexiest fashionable women of Sunny Southern California.

Tashion LA swimwear brands deliver a sophisticated top quality swimwear and resort wear collection. While staying true to the company philosophy: Designed for women with a passion for fashion and a respectful self-awareness of their own body.


Tashion LA was founded in the spring of 2013 by two trendy and fashion forward women, a mother and daughter team. With the creative passion and entrepreneurial desire to pursue their dream the two have dedicated heart and soul into accomplishing a successful company to call their own. The name Tashion LA is a blend of the name Tasia and Fashion sounding off as “Tashion" and the abbreviation LA credits Los Angeles for inspiring the creation of Tashion LA.

You can find the two busy at work in their office on phone calls, meeting deadlines, photo shoots, and several trips to exotic world known fabric showrooms, as they select only the best fabric for their collections.

If you find yourself in Huntington Beach you may find them in the local Huntington Beach Marina restaurant going over meetings or enjoying time with colleagues and friends.

Tasia Burgess is the VP/Creative Designer of Tashion LA. Every design is handmade by her. She began sewing in her early teens and since the age of only 24 years old Tasia has been designing and producing fashionable clothes and swimwear. A graduate with a degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising she is now literally living her dream. Tasia is constantly developing luxurious innovative styles.

The management and leadership of Tashion LA is Laurie Meilbeck who oversees the day to day operations handling the marketing, purchasing, vendor supplies, and business development. Laurie’s athletic lifestyle and former and a forger Ice skater and current yoga professional, gives her the youthful look and the energy required for this demanding role.


As a young girl Tasia was always passionate about fashion, she has done several modeling swimwear shoots and worked close with lingerie designers. Some things fit well while some didn’t and more than most the swimwear could have complemented the body a lot better and could have been much more enticing and fashionable. This inspired her to create trendy and fashionable swimwear that is hard to find and women will absolutely love. Also, getting many requests from friends with different body types Tasia has practiced making swimwear styles for every body type and for every girls individual taste. While starting out her company both she and her mother did extensive research just asking women how they felt about their swimwear, what would make a swimsuit more fitting to their body, and what could make swimwear more comfortable to wear. So combining that information has been helpful to create designs desirable to all body types, yet creating luxurious, flirty, sexy, and sophisticated styles. Some of  the  bikinis are versatile and can be manipulated to any women’s wearable liking to fit your body like a dream.

All of Tashion LA is a vertically integrated company with a keen eye for the future and also for the past, as well as designs for the active woman. All of Tashion LA swimwear is designed for sophisticated ladies with an appreciation for fashion and style. For ages ranging from 20s to 50s Tashion LA ladies have an appreciation for great quality fabrics, exceptional craftsmanship and sexy luxurious bikini styles. The other side of the coin of Tashion LA is that they give the option to order Custom styles. Some of Tashion LA ‘s clients love  the option of having their own custom one of a kind designs. The process is easy.. all we need is your choice of fabric, measurements, your idea of the bikini style you want and you too can have your very own custom bikini. 

Tashion LA has designed her swimwear collections to give women the assurance of feeling beautiful, sexy, and comfortable inside and out. Some of Tashion LA's styles  are designed with adjustable bottoms to suit your preferred style and fit.  Each Season you can choose from the many new and unique  styles,  all designed and handmade by Tasia Burgess. The process starts out from her vision and ideas to beautiful sketches, to pattern making, grading, cutting, and sewing. Every step of the process from start to finished product is done in house. The styles to choose from are the racy cheeky bikinis, to the more moderate,  and full coverage swimwear styles such as the one pieces. Most of the styles can be accessorized with a shawl and high heel sandals or for a more casual look with flats and a pair of your favorite shades.


The initial journey of this mother and daughter duo was of course a challenging one. With no prior experience in this field they have relied on support of their family and mentors. There has been many time consuming and costly mistakes made along the way that have been part of their growing experience. Many have been judgmental about their designs saying they are a bit risky or too flirty and in the case of their first collection “Drinkinis” people just could not catch on to the concept at first but they stood by for what they believed in. Tashion LA inspired styles have been sought after by women who have a sophisticated taste for fashion, youthful energy, and feel proud of their own personal beauty.

It’s not always easy balancing the business side with my daughter and business partner because I don’t want to feel that I am all business with Tasia and not have the mother and daughter relationship that comes natural to me, “Says Laurie.” But overall I would not change a thing. We have become closer as women.

The balance comes from each of us able to bring something from our own experiences and professional background to the table. Tasia being the creative mind and having the education in fashion oversees all the creative aspects of Tashion LA. Laurie is more business minded learning from running her yoga health center of 10 years and inspired by her husband a business owner himself and CFO of Tashion LA.

Words from Laurie:

“Coming from a military family you learn much more first hand to combat through tough times staying on track and fight for what you believe in. We all go through our own struggles in life. Laurie was a single mother of two Tasia and Christopher. She herself had gone through so much after a near death car crash in 1997 near her home. It was a struggle to pick up the pieces with two young children. But one must keep pushing forward and put the past behind. She was inspired by the practice and philosophy of yoga that lead her to teaching and helping others with physical and emotional issues, familiar to her own. Years later (as she has always believed that life can bring better things as long as you are open to receiving them) she met her soulmate and husband Phillip Meilbeck and his two sons Daniel and Michael. Phillip is an amazing supportive husband who took Laurie’s children as his own. Blending the two families was a challenge at first but it all worked out in the end. Even through the toughest times of the financial crash in 2008 they stuck together and pressed on as a strong family should. Dealing with a few deployments of both their older sons US Marines Christopher and Daniel they continued to overcome all challenges and struggles of life knowing that dreams can become a reality if you really believe in yourself. Tashion LA started out as a dream, giving credit to our immediate family who has given us guidance, ideas, and support. Tasia has also the amazing support of her loving Fiancé George Garcia who has a background in music and traveled the world. At last you can very much say all along their journey with this company is a family run enterprise.”


Tashion LA has caught the attention of the local media, fashion icons, and celebrities. In the last year Tashion LA has grown as a company as Laurie and Tasia have grown to learn all aspects of running a successful business in fashion.

Tashion LA can bee seen on Runway shows like "Fashion Week.” Also In Miami, New York, and Los Angeles. Laurie and Tasia are also very committed to serving the community by donating to charitable organization Like ODA “Ocean Defender Alliance,” Feed the Children, and the WWP “Wounded Warrior Project.” Not only by donating funds but helping first hand along with the family.